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The Lost Civilization of the Megalithic Sites: Who Built Them and When?

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The potential time period of a lost advanced civilization:
Many independent researchers, including myself, have been talking about the possibility that such a civilization existed in the distant past. The main reason for this hypothesis comes from the mind boggling ancient megalithic sites found all over the world. These sites are super impressive engineering feats and in certain cases surpass the ability or comprehension of our modern-day technology. Some sites show amazing precision cuts, some contain millions of huge stone blocks, some show highly accurate and uniformed tool marks, which resemble modern machine marks.

Today’s engineers and architects find it very difficult if not impossible to explain how they were constructed with ancient manual labor. Even with current construction, mining and excavation machinery, we can not easily explain how and why some of these huge sites were created.

The existence of these megalithic structures challenges the mainstream narrative and points to a far more complex history. Is it possible that these structures were built by a lost civilization as advanced as or superior to our current one? If so, then who created this megalithic civilization? When did this civilization establish itself? And why did it perish?

20-15,000 Years Ago When Humans Faced Extinction – the Ending of a Previous Advanced Civilization?

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This is my YouTube Channel “Curious Being.” I have many diverse and interesting topics to share, such as Lost Ancient Human Civilizations, Megalithic Sites, and other related fascinating studies. History vs. Mystery revealed! Thank you for watching.

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Comments to The Lost Civilization of the Megalithic Sites: Who Built Them and When?

  • great presentation.

    Joan Jones 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Tina, thank you for this video. I've been on a similar track. Years ago I became aware of the global catastrophe 12,000 years ago. Given that accepted anthropology states that civilization began only 6-5,000 years ago, (until recently), and after that 12,000 years ago catastrophe, how can we can we not believe that our species couldn't have developed magnificent civilizations in the hundreds of thousand years since the appearance of our species on this planet. I'm looking forward now to your video on what happened to the machinery of the prior civilization.

    Veronica Palmer 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • You ask all the good questions but you should not have to be in the minority.mainstream archaeologists suffocate thinking out of the box.they ignore aspects they can’t explain.thanks for another great presentation

    Joseph Abdilla 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • How much is there to the left of that timeline? You place peak at 100,000 years ago, how long was it at that? How long back in time do you have to go to get back to the size we are now?

    Did we domesticate ourselves? Was the collapse of the previous result of success? By deeply permaculturing the environment they'd hit over production. This would lead to plages & blights from an over abundance.

    As for machinery?

    It is all in the energy density. Same now really. And that is pure math. to be able to cut & move that rock in the Longyou Cave in a given time period requires a minimum amount of energy. Work out what that could have been? Did it come from steam? Given the precision of the results, there had to be an abundance of energy and skills.

    Preindustrially, how did we increase energy density? Super advanced metallurgy. Different understanding of magnetism? Something about that sounds attractive. I'll go with use of magnetic gearing. That'll work into how the energy is transferred & controlled. Energy density is the key. They worked it out.

    Thanks for the clarity & generosity.

    Jorge Lausell 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Rinse and repeat. Waiting on the big rinse now. We really need it.

    Sunsettvu 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Thank you.

    Bill H. 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Current scientists, ( 1700 – 2023) reject a creator as an originator. Prior to them scientists accepted a creator as an explanation. The appeal of the naturalist delusion, although epistemologically unsound, is that it frees us to pursue our own selfish pursuits without fear of divine retribution.
    All things are permissable, if there is no God. The thought of a divine creator is so terrifying that we are capable of ignoring the evidence for his existance.

    john delong 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Bigger brains are actually a hindrance rather than a benefit, all told. The brain is VERY energy hungry and consumed the majority of calories consumed. A larger brain requires more food consumption. In addition, a larger brain is difficult to accommodate through a birth canal. Women already are pretty close to the limit of what they can accommodate in birthing a large head. There is this a negative selective pressure against larger brains. Humans may have peaked at 1500cc brain size but the inherent difficulties of keeping that selected against it.
    As for who the builders were, they may be found in old stories and religious texts with references to Elohim and advanced godlike beings, often thought to have brought knowledge (of agricultural in particular) to early modern humans.

    Colonel Panic 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • In the Book of Enoch, God had the Sons of the Angels kill each other.

    David Dothager 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • EQ? Don’t you mean IQ?

    Hallands Menved 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Let's see, a world covered with people who were setting records for their sinful lives. God kills them off with a world wide flood. The only thing left? The things that they built. I like that theory.

    You Are God's Pursuit 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • My belief is that these megalithic constructions were planned and executed by Atlanteans before or after the sinking of that continent. Perhaps at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean lie many of these evidences that we will never find. Only a few machines would be enough to carry out these constructions and these machines could have been transported to the sites and then removed when no longer needed, so there would be no remains of machines in the vicinity of the sites. I believe that some of these megalithic monuments hide evidence of the techniques and machines used to build them and that some day they will be discovered and, who knows, they will manage to reach public knowledge instead of being hidden by people who do not want the truth to prevail.

    JM AGOSTINHO 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • In ,others words,Their Brain was Humongous,, I wonder if that, really made a big difference.., According to previous videos, that must mean, They are Supernauts, from another world

    craig campbell 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Great Video Tina.. I Just saw a video of a Megalithic wall site in Montana 🤔 really amazing ..So much more to Discover 🙂

    craig campbell 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • I love the ancient astronaut theory, it's a fascinating theory, but I read and observe with due caution because there are so many bizarre and ridiculous theories on the net. if the paleocontact theory says that many megalithic sites were created with the help of extraterrestrial civilizations, why did this advanced civilization build using stone? why didn't they build a structure in metal alloys or more advanced materials? Why didn't they use the same materials used to build their hypothetical spaceship? thank you. and sorry for my bad english

    JZAUK07 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • MANY things correspond, time-wise, and fit into this hypothesis:

    -MUCH ancient writren/oral tradition, from all over the world (Vedic, Egyptian etc.) refers to civilisations at least tens of thousands of years ago. E.g. The Vedic ages of humanity, some native American nation's ages of humanity, the claimed 50,000 year age of the Egyptian civilisation etc.
    -Brain size and E.Q. (although I'm dubious about the sci*nce)
    -The movement of Homo Sapiens/Homo Sapiens Sapiens (again, I'm dubious)
    -The ice age
    -The population bottleneck
    -The time that it would take for the loss of technological know-how, AND even a clear memory of what had been (except for the ruling 'el*tes').
    -The time that it would take for the burial of the STONE elements of cities/infrastructure (other elements would take far less time).
    -The astrological procession of the equinoxes cycle (25,000 years approx)
    -(My favourite) the Kali Yuga. Yes, this is a disputed subject, but it seems to me, that we are now near the end of the Kali Yuga.

    Maybe this time poopchewb won't delete me 😥

    2 seconds 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Larger brains may be just an increase in specialisation that may not be that helpful at a species level, but great at a cultural level: think about jobs like financial consultant or real estate agent🤦 I suspect that our civilisation has bifurcated and wisdom and intelligence have gone down different trousers of time🤔 I worry that we are a mono religious civilisation that worships economic progress, technology and individualism 😮 we don’t have any effective tools these days to critique the ecological or sociological issues we face 😢

    Clare Ryan 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Hi Tina, great deduction and presentation, as always!
    Your dating is close to 20000-13600 BCE claimed by a person who remembers his past lives (and a very wise man at that) – Matias De Stefano. This is the part of the interview where he talks about it: https://youtu.be/qYBH3458UHs?t=4625
    Thought you may find this interesting as you have obviously an open mind.
    You're doing this planet a favor with your research!

    Valerie and the whale 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Thank you for sharing Tina

    Richard Lilley 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa
  • Since the existence of advanced ancient civilizations is not only very plausible but extremely likely, it is only logical that the "owners of the world" (in the George Carlin sense) have also thought about that. ((They)) have unlimited resources (our tax money) and almost unlimited power, I wouldn't be surprised if these governmental organizations/military industrial complex/NGO's/cartels have already dug up technological artifacts from these past civilizations and kept it all for themselves. We will never hear about it. That is probably what is going on on Antarctica – which is forbidden territory for you & I, yet there seems to be a lot activity in that area.

    ficktao 29 lokakuun, 2023 7:08 am Vastaa


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